Free Image Host

Terms of Use:

  • Do not use this service for hosting of illegal or copyrighted materials! You should own the rights on images you are sharing or you have to be sure they are not a subject for copyright.

  • Do not post images with underage nudity of any kind! Do not post bestiality or sadistic pictures.

  • Do not advertise hosted images by any kind of e-mail, messenger, newsgroups, bulletin boards, guestbooks or forums spam.

  • If the image breaks the above rules, it will be deleted at first notice.

  • Maximum allowed image size is limited to 2 mbytes at the moment for static images and 20 kbytes for animated gif/png images. If your image is too big, it's quality will be automatically reduced to 75% jpeg quality as most suitable for web.

  • Image stays as long as it remains popular. If it's page is not accessed over 30 days - the image will be automatically deleted.

  • There is no way for you to intentionally delete any images you have uploaded. Consider this before posting.

  • We do not collect any private information about those who use this service, except IP addresses. In case of illegal ativity they will be reported to proper authorities.
  • This service is free of charge but we reserve the right to show normal ads (no popups, no malicious codes) on the pages with your images.

Some Hints:

  • You can upload as many images, as you want.

  • Typical link to image page looks like this one: You recieve web and forums ready links after your upload finishes.

  • We have no limits on the number of image downloads.

  • You cannot hotlink full size images. Well, you can try, but it's not gonna work.

  • If you upload images as "public" they will not automatically show on this site, this feature is pre-moderated.